Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well where shall I start??

Last week I work 6 days and finally got a break right in time to teach Sunday school on Sunday. After a hard week spending an hour with those precious kiddos was so refreshing. Sunday afternoon DH and I just relaxed until choir practice and evening service rolled around. Sunday nights service is on that won't be forgotten for a long while. The spirit was so strong and I knew that I needed to take a dip. I am so glad that no matter where you are God is willing and able to meet you right there. I began crying out to God, as did other around me, the music kept going the singers kept singing and the blessings of the lord came down. All I could do was stand there and cry. The piano player began singing an amazing song(I will look for it later to share) and I broke. One of my dear friends and one of few in the church that knows our struggles came and wrapped her arms around me and began to pray, she laid her hands on my tummy and prayed that God would do a miracle. I just stood there sobbing in her arms basking in the presence of God as she talked to the Lord for me. I felt so good, so renewed.

So yesterday I worked all day and around 3pm I began hurting in my stomach something fierce.(and I have a very high tolerance for pain) I came home and tried everything I could think of to make it stop, and to no prevail. I finally told DH that I had to go the ER. I was so scared, I had never had a pain like this in my life. My pain was in my stomach and went around to my back, I was nauseous and had indigestion. I arrived at the ER got blood work and had the joy of using a tiny cup as a toilet, almost immediately and then waited. I was hurting and afraid. The doctor came in and said that the blood work and urine looked fine and I would be sent to U/S. Again, the doctor said the U/S looked fine and I would be sent to get a CT Scan. I got an IV with pain medicine and zofran for nausea, this was the weirdest feeling in the world! I started sweating and had tightening in my chest and thought I might just die. On to CT. Again, the doctor said that everything looked fine and so they were sending me home. I was shocked, he said they did all they could and that I probably have IBS,(irritable bowel syndrome) and that sometimes your muscles get so tight that you think you could die, and with that he went out the door reminding me that he would get me some prescribtions. I got 3 prescriptions, all of them medicine that makes me sleepy. Needless to say idk if it is actually helping what they say my problem is or just covering up the pain, but I was cozy in bed sleeping all day.

Why did I share all of that? To show that God is right on time giving us a blessing but satan isn't far behind trying to tear us away. As it says in Joshua 24:15, "...choose you this day whom ye will serve...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Of course satan is going to be there to try and get us off track and destracted but if we have our minds made up to serve the Lord it won't even matter. I am trusting in my holy unfailing God to see me through no matter what. I can say today that if He choose to never do one more thing for me I will still love and serve Him until the day I die because he is God and that alone is enough.

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